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Typical Objective of Software Testing

Aashu Onlyy December 12, 2020

For any given project, the objectives of testing may include:
 To evaluate work products such as requirements, user stories, design, and code
 To verify whether all specified requirements have been fulfilled
 To validate whether the test object is complete and works as the users and other stakeholders
 To build confidence in the level of quality of the test object
 To prevent defects
 To find failures and defects
 To provide sufficient information to stakeholders to allow them to make informed decisions,
especially regarding the level of quality of the test object
 To reduce the level of risk of inadequate software quality (e.g., previously undetected failures
occurring in operation)
 To comply with contractual, legal, or regulatory requirements or standards, and/or to verify the
test object’s compliance with such requirements or standards
The objectives of testing can vary, depending upon the context of the component or system being tested,
the test level, and the software development lifecycle model.

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