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What makes BJSHUB programmers so competent?

Our efficient and effective training helps our engineers in all the arenas so that they get ready for all the upcoming rivalry and forthcoming challenges. 

Your Team, Your Tools and Your Culture

Bjshub is rather a school and not a staffing agency. Engineers work remotely full-time at the hiring partners’ company and follow their culture and ethics.

Prior work experience

The software engineers associated with Bjshub program have several years of working experience. Before joining the program the candidates are screened in order to test their skills.

Aggressive filtering

Bjshub receives thousands of applications for the uniquely designed program, out of which less than 1% of the candidates are screened and accepted. The accepted candidates are not only skilled but have an excellent aptitude.

Open source contributions

in order to give students a real-time experience we have collaborated with several open-source project owners. The software engineers, during their training, will have to contribute projects.

Full stack expertise

Bjshub programs are designed to train software engineers on an intermediate and advanced level in Javascript, React, and Nodes JS.


With Bjshub, software engineers enrolled in the program undergo rigorous training. By the time their training is complete, they have a holistic understanding of full-stack web engineering (Javascript, Nodes JS, React).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your doubts

If you want to become a hiring partner with Bjshub, you don’t have to pay anything for it. It’s 100% free! 

Bjshub specializes in carefully training our students to ensure that they are as proficient as a mid to senior-level software developer. Bjshub graduate software engineers are experts in full-stack web engineering, mobile application, DevOps, Technical Leads and etc. 

When a hiring partner is looking for candidates, they will have access to the candidate’s skillsets and can request to schedule interviews with the candidates. 

The specific hiring relationship is discrete and only is shared between the hiring partner and the Bjshub graduate. As a hiring partner, one can put the Bjshub candidates in a trial period first and later employ them in full-time roles or on a contractual basis. 

The work hours are decided by the mutual agreement between the hiring partner and the candidate. Also, the Bjshub program ensures that all the candidates are able to work in the traditional US hours.

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