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For student

Bjshub is for every Freshers and experienced job-seekers who are looking to get job in IT Industry.

We do provide training and placement for all kind of technologies.

Well, Its purely depends on our clients for which hiring but average scale is between 2 LPA to 6 LPA.

BJSHUB provide both online and offline training. But as per current covide issue we request candidates to join Online training program,which will assist you placement opportunities too.

We do provide 24×7 support at our platform, which is FREE. No need to pay to get all kind of information at platform.

But if you want to improve your skills and looking for good companies placement then yes BJSHUB charge minimal fee for its training and placement services.

For Business

If you want to become a hiring partner with Bjshub, you don’t have to pay anything for it. It’s 100% free!

Bjshub specializes in carefully training our students to ensure that they are as proficient as a mid to senior-level software developer. Bjshub graduate software engineers are experts in full-stack web engineering, mobile application, DevOps, Technical Leads and etc. 

When a hiring partner is looking for candidates, they will have access to the candidate’s skillsets and can request to schedule interviews with the candidates.

The specific hiring relationship is discrete and only is shared between the hiring partner and the Bjshub graduate. As a hiring partner, one can put the Bjshub candidates in a trial period first and later employ them in full-time roles or on a contractual basis.

The work hours are decided by the mutual agreement between the hiring partner and the candidate. Also, the Bjshub program ensures that all the candidates are able to work in the traditional US hours

Bjshub strongly believes in the power of distributor teams and thus, 99% of Bjshub graduates work remotely no matter where their company is located.

No, Bjshub is not a hiring agency. Bjshub dedicatedly works towards training and improving the skills of top-notch software developers in India. Bjshub aims to prepare the young software developers to navigate the fast-paced tech world of the 21st century. 

Not at all. Since Bjshub is a business infrastructure in India, a hiring partner need not pay any taxes or benefits. In exchange for a small fee, Bjshub assists the hiring partners with the payroll logistics. This enables many startups to save a significant payroll cost.

On such occasions, which rarely occurs, a hiring partner is advised to directly resolve any conflict with the Bjshub graduate. However, Bjshub will always assist the hiring partners if and when needed.

The annual salary of a Bjshub graduate is completely discreet and is decided mutually between the hiring partner and the Bjshub candidate. On average, the salary of Bjshub graduate is in the range of a mid to a senior level software developer minus the cost of taxes and benefits. 


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